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Hi everyone my name is Moosey age 19, and I shall be playing everyone's favorite (or at least my) evil scientist Hienz Doofenshmirtz.  You can expect to see evil plots, inators, his evil class of evil, and of course a few musical numbers.  Well actually... quite a few musical numbers.  You see, I'm a bit of a song writer so I find it fun to do it.

I've been RPing for about a year and I have insomnia so I'm on at all kinds of weird hours.  Umm... I've been watching Disney for as long as I can remember and know more Disney songs by heart than I'd care to admit.  I'm CC's (Perry the platypus mun's) brother, and she was the one who originally got me into RPing... and who typically makes me RP in communities like our very own Disney U.  I hope we all have a lot of fun together, I've never really did one of these intro posts before.
We now have a Wiki! Go ahead and follow the examples we tossed up there. If you don't want to write a bio page for your puppet, just use the stuff you used in your applications, and that'll work!

If you see anything I missed, kick me in the head and I'll add it!



I need you to participate in this thread because it's come to my attention that the Taken Characters thread isn't very useful except to know who's, y'know. Taken.

So I need you to do as I do. First, put your name in the subject line, then your AIM screen name in the post, and then list all your puppets below that. It'll help people know who they're trying to contact. :D If you're new, please post here with said information. Just follow my lead!



My name is Hanne, and I'm here to play Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. She's going to Disney U with the dream of becoming an author one day, preferably of books for children. I haven't written anything with her related to the Beast, or Gaston, as I haven't wanted to step on any toes of potential future players of either, however, my head canon for it all has Gaston being your typical dumb jock, while the Beast is more a ~snob no one likes because he thinks so highly of himself.

Anyway! Like I said, I'm Hanne. I'm 20. Awesome. Studying graphic design. :3


Oops! An FYI.

I forgot to mention in my previous greeting post that I have a class lab that runs most of the day on Saturday and I know that the weekends are the prime time for threading. I will be home all day Sunday, though, if I am needed and I put up a contact post here: http://foxy-archer.livejournal.com/618.html, in case I miss something. Thanks!

- Mal
Hey everyone! I'm CC, bringing in Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. He's going to stay as a platypus and not actually talk ever, but you can watch him sneak off to fight evil and/or just subtly clean up after Phineas and Ferb.

I'm 23, engaged, and been watching Disney since before I can even remember since the first things I can remember are watching Winnie the Pooh and lining up all my Pooh stuffed animals to watch it with me. Plus, it was the only station other than history channel that my parents allowed. I want to go into directing with a focus on animation (but ffft, it'll take me awhile before that happens) and so as you can imagine, I watch copious amounts of animations in general.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone here and you can usually find me on AIM: LittleTigerCC12. IM me anytime for plotting or whatever! Nice to meet everyone!

Mar. 26th, 2010

So, since we're doing the introductions thing back here, and our modly mod said we should spam the place up, I'ma do the same thing!

Hello! I'm Sterling (sometimes called DG on account of my main/personal LJ has been DryadGurrl since forever and a day) and I play Ariel here, and also everyone's favorite alien fugitive dog Stitch.

Both my kids are totally available for plotting and whatever, just gimmie a ping over on AIM where my name is JediGorse or by emails which is HexenmeisterNarrin [at] gmail [dot] com. Yes, I did pick the longest and most complicated email address I could. Right up there with 'antidisestablishmentarianism4triskadekeaphobics'

So there you go, that's me. If you need/want to know anything else, just ask! I'm a friendly kind of personthing.
Okay, since I'm obviously THE WORST MOD EVAR, I've decided that the fair can extend into this weekend, too. Because I said it was for 'this weekend', like, on Saturday night last weekend. Whatever. As those of us who partook in the game milliways_bar like to say, millitime it. It doesn't matter the exact TIME things happen, just THAT they happen. Enjoy, my happy little jellybeans!

Oh, and CC, I need some evil scheming time with you. Heads up on that. :B Wahahaha...ha... ha?
So hey! I realized I never introduced myself around here! I know I've talked to a bunch of you in chat, but here's a bit about myself!

My name is AmyJack (tenshibellaluna). I'm a 22 year old, poor college student from the US of A. I'm big on all sorts of Disney fandoms so it's great to play here! I already play Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (sovanessessary) and now I'll be bringing Franny West, or Robinson, from Meet the Robinsons, as you may know her! This would be her journal. It'd be great to see some more MtR players around here by the way~!

So it's nice to offically meet you all! If you need to contact me my aim screenname is guardiabellaluna and my e-mail is ascot_chan@yahoo.com


Hi Guys!

I'm Amit!, and I just joined up with everyone's favourite fairy - Tinker Bell. :)

Tink's been one of my favorite Disney characters for the longest time, so it's a real pleasure to be able to play her somewhere - especially a community that looks as awesome as this one does. (Seriously, this is such an awesome idea.)

Anyway, a little bit more about me - I'm a dude, I'm...gonna be 27 soonish, and I've been rp-ing around LJ for years, though it's mostly been, you know, the DC Comics and Marvel Comics stuff. So...yeah.

I'm always up for anything and everything, so if you wanna get a hold of me, my AIM screen name is thedevilwearsfur, which yes, is a reference to Cruella deVil. ;)

Can't wait to get started and meet you all!

ETA: Right, duh. I totally forgot. Tink here is being taken from the two Tinker Bell direct to dvd movies that have taken place so far - Tinker Bell and TInker Bell and the Lost Treasure, so the Peter Pan stuff hasn't quite happened yet. :)