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New player saying hello!

Hello, Disney U!

My name is Malissa, but most people just call me Mal. I'm joining up with Robin Hood from the 1973 animated movie. This was and still is my all time favorite Disney movie. I had it on laser disc, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. :D

My take on Robin for this game will be the sort of typical, popular college jock, but with a heart of gold. He's basically a good guy, he just likes to have a good time. Losing his father still upsets him, but he covers it well.

I split my time between this game and the Marvel Comics game I admin, so sometimes I need a poke to remind me of where I'm supposed to be. If you need to contact me for any reason, I'm available on the AIM screen name disco is shiny.

Nice to meet you all. I can't wait to get started! :)
Here, have another late intro |D; w-well not really, I did one on that one thread but I thought I'd make an actual post too. Hi guys *wave* I'm CB (or Giro, or whatever you'd like to call me) and I'm playing an AU human version of a talking tape measure. That is, Stretch from Handy Manny which, despite playing on the Playhouse Disney block, I totally recommend because it's an adorable and well-written show. And who I totally have a more canon journal for *cough*

ANYWAY I'm still relatively new here, sort of, but I'm having plenty of fun already. If you need to reach me you can either try at my mun journal (roll_soul), PMing either this account or that one, or finding me on AIM under MiniRMMaker. I'm always up for random crack/shipping plotting or just chatting, so feel free to hit me up sometime ^^

Nice playing with you all~
AIM chat is ---> disneyuchat

We now return you to your regular crackahol. :B

Mar. 21st, 2010

Well since SSK made an intro post...I'll do the same? |D

Hi! I'm Sere and I play Victoria Pace from Lilo and Stitch: The series.

If anyone wants to get a hold of me I'm on aim all the time. My sn is: serenahikarigrl . I'm always up for plots, talking or...randomness! :D v

Mar. 20th, 2010

Okay... So.. It's super late, but I'm totes going to do an intro post for myself. XD <3

I'm SSK~ So far I'm playing Isabella Garcia-Shapiro and Megara here... :) Knowing me, I'll bring in someone else when I decide on who.

If you ever need to get ahold of me my aim is PrincessSeaNymph. I LOVE to chat... And plot. And chat... And plot. 8Da


Edit: Man guys... I'm so blonde I didn't even notice everyone else was doing their intro's in that other thread... ^^; My bad. Anyways... Ah, I'm 23... I've been RPing for about 11 years, give or take... Mostly on Yahoo Groups, AIM chats and MSN groups... I just got started with LJ RP back when daisychainrpg started... Since they closed, I've moved on... so now I'm here, in a crap ton of dressing rooms and over at xi_rpg  having a blast.

Ah... yeah. Okay, now I'm done..... 8D

Mar. 20th, 2010


It's THE FIRST SEMESTER FAIR! This weekend! Brought to you by Phineas, Ferb, and anyone else they wrangled in to help. There's rides, live music, your usual carnival attractions (minus 4-H stands), and probably a few college-friendly games like a beer dunk tank and beer pong and y'know. Beer.

So go forth and enjoy yourself with the festivities. Make some stuff up about it, there's really no actual set WHATEVER about it other than the fact that Phineas (and his band) is going to be on the stage just after sundown on Saturday night, and there will be fireworks with his performance. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me or someone else in the game.

Take it easy and let your puppets have some fun!


Mar. 20th, 2010

OMFG People, you can post in the OOC too, you know. SPAM THE CRAP OUT OF IT.

Also? I've noticed it, so I've added it to the mod post that you CAN tag a post if it's tagged already. go and be awesome! *flail*

Classes list!

Okay! So, I'm just going to list off a few of the classes that are here at Disney U. The limit is your imagination, however, and this is by no means a full list.

Mathematics - Algebra III & IV, Trigonometry I & II, Calculus I & II, Advanced Geometry, Mathemagics, Wrangling Sentient Sines, Pi baking

Science - Physics I, II, & III, Engineering I & II, Particle Physics I, Building Evil Contraptions, Magic & Science - They CAN Co-exist, Basic Tinkering, Alchemy

Language - Historical English I, Writing I & II, Every foreign language course you could think of including some that don't exist yet, Composition I & II, Bad Poetry I, Speaking in Prose I, Comedy 101, Speaking Like a Villain 101, English II & III, Evil Monologue I, How to Write a Hero Speech, Roles in Modern Princesshood,

Arts - Oil Painting I & II, Sculpting I & II, Theater Acting, Method Acting, Acting Goofy, Prat Falls 101, Evil Acting, Interpretive Dance, The Art of Choreographing a Whole Town, Improvisational Music

Athletics - Gymnastics, Football, Swimming, Soccer, Archery, Scuba Diving, Cheer Leading, Skiing, Snowboarding, Track & Field, Cricket, Running Like a Damsel, Swashbuckling, Fencing, Swordplay

Magic - Elemental spells, Kitchen Witchery, Evil Magic, Good Magic, Stage Magic, Beginner's Magic

And the list goes on and on!


Personal introductions

Hi! I'm Sage. I play Phineas Flynn, and I'm your neighborhood mod. I hope to see a lot of fresh faces around here, and I'm really grateful that a lot of people like this idea! 
I'm 27 years old, grew up with Disney movies and shows (And Bluth, and Warner Brothers stuff) like most kids did, and now that my own kid is of the right age to start really appreciating them, we watch a great deal of Disney stuff, too! When I'm not modding this community or playing in another one, I draw and color, play board games with my son, and mod on an internet art gallery. I try to be fair and direct with people, whether it be online, in real life, or anywhere in between.
My AIM is A 1000 Cuts and if you need to ask me any questions, feel free to drop me a line either there or on my email (curiously high at gmail dot com).

So! There's my little blurb about me! How about you? Who are you? What drew you here? Whaaaatcha doin'? Go on ahead and jump right in. Don't be shy!

"What's our setting, chief?"

Simply put, it's a university. Pretty much like all state universities there are, there's several buildings, a quad, a library, some dorms, a cafeteria, and outlying buildings one would generally find. The university's team is the Disney White Knights, and yes, they have teams. You name the sport, they probably have a team for it, and a place to practice.

There are dorms for every first year student, and they're spacious and comfortable. You have to have a roommate, though you don't have to specify whom - your character can buddy up with their best pal, or someone horrendous, or a random NPC. That's up to you! The dorms have three buildings, one for the ladies, one for the men, and one for the co-eds who don't mind sharing a living space with the opposite sex.

The classes are your typical and a-typical college courses. You've got everything from Biology to Bouncing Off the Walls 101, and you don't have to really even pay attention to them so much. It's always fun, however, to know who's taking a class with someone else - it's a way to meet new friends.

There are bulletin boards all throughout campus, where your puppets can post up and find interesting information - from the cafeteria menu, to the athletics schedules, to embarrassing pictures of their classmates. The best part is, this is a very MAGICAL bulletin board system - whatever is posted up there cannot be taken down until the poster says so, or unless a head of department or the dean takes it down, and whatever gets posted on one bulletin will be posted to ALL, so your puppet doesn't have to run around campus, flyering for whatever, unless they want to!

How to interact here - Set up a post. You could be walking down the halls of the science building, lurking in the library, hanging out on the quad, practicing in the football field, just chillin' in the commons area of your dorm, or hey, just about anything! The possibilities are nearly endless, and anyone could post at you at any time! If it's a private thread between two people (pre-set up to be one), please state so in the thread itself. Posts CAN be tagged by more than one other person! If you feel like interacting with someone and they've already been tagged, go for it! Mingle to your heart's content!

Example post:

Phineas was on his way to the lecture hall, walking through the quad, humming to himself. His backpack was slung over his shoulder, and his hands were in his pockets. He admired the fresh fall day as much as he could as he crossed the lengthy square, when he suddenly was sent tumbling by a passing bicyclist. Narrowly avoiding a scraped elbow, he shook his head, brushed himself off, and grinned sheepishly. Well, his head wasn't in the clouds now! Bother at will!

See how I made it obvious that this post was able to be tagged by others by that last sentence? Please, remember to let people know whether or not your puppet is botherable, or up for a chat or random encounter, or if they're going to be just having a conversation or interaction with someone and you don't have the mental capacity or desire to thread with anyone else.

As far as violence and sex are concerned, I'd really prefer it if everyone were to keep the main community clean and PG-13, although this is an 18+ game. If you're feeling like your itchy trigger finger needs to be scratched, or if your pups are going to wind up boinking, please take the threading to your puppet's journal, and then link the subsequent interaction into the main community like so:

Example Link:
Who: Belle & Beast
What: Gettin' frisky behind the bleachers
Warnings: Mild swearing, Sexual stuff (Or you could put a rating on it, saying what for)
(Link to journal here!)

I hope this clears up how we're running this circus! Happy playing!