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My name is Hanne, and I'm here to play Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. She's going to Disney U with the dream of becoming an author one day, preferably of books for children. I haven't written anything with her related to the Beast, or Gaston, as I haven't wanted to step on any toes of potential future players of either, however, my head canon for it all has Gaston being your typical dumb jock, while the Beast is more a ~snob no one likes because he thinks so highly of himself.

Anyway! Like I said, I'm Hanne. I'm 20. Awesome. Studying graphic design. :3

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Hi Hanne!
Yay a Belle :D

I've been mildly toying with the idea of apping a Gaston like that, but the girls we have a so feisty he would eventually become a lonely, dejected emo kid who wishes high school could have lasted his whole life. Actually now that I wrote that down...
Now that you've said it, it has to happen. XD <3
It's nice to meet you, Hanne! I'm SSK~ Welcome to the Uni! :D