Franny (iam_alwaysright) wrote in disney_u_ooc,

So hey! I realized I never introduced myself around here! I know I've talked to a bunch of you in chat, but here's a bit about myself!

My name is AmyJack (tenshibellaluna). I'm a 22 year old, poor college student from the US of A. I'm big on all sorts of Disney fandoms so it's great to play here! I already play Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (sovanessessary) and now I'll be bringing Franny West, or Robinson, from Meet the Robinsons, as you may know her! This would be her journal. It'd be great to see some more MtR players around here by the way~!

So it's nice to offically meet you all! If you need to contact me my aim screenname is guardiabellaluna and my e-mail is
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