Tinker Bell (talented_tinker) wrote in disney_u_ooc,
Tinker Bell


Hi Guys!

I'm Amit!, and I just joined up with everyone's favourite fairy - Tinker Bell. :)

Tink's been one of my favorite Disney characters for the longest time, so it's a real pleasure to be able to play her somewhere - especially a community that looks as awesome as this one does. (Seriously, this is such an awesome idea.)

Anyway, a little bit more about me - I'm a dude, I'm...gonna be 27 soonish, and I've been rp-ing around LJ for years, though it's mostly been, you know, the DC Comics and Marvel Comics stuff. So...yeah.

I'm always up for anything and everything, so if you wanna get a hold of me, my AIM screen name is thedevilwearsfur, which yes, is a reference to Cruella deVil. ;)

Can't wait to get started and meet you all!

ETA: Right, duh. I totally forgot. Tink here is being taken from the two Tinker Bell direct to dvd movies that have taken place so far - Tinker Bell and TInker Bell and the Lost Treasure, so the Peter Pan stuff hasn't quite happened yet. :)
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